Up, Up & Away!

Hello friends! This weekend I was lucky enough to photograph my local hot air balloon festival & I’m happy to share the best of the bunch with you tonight! Being in a crowd full of strangers experiencing such a magical moment was truly medicinal for the soul. Sometimes the feeling of unity in times of […]

National Harbor Photo Recap

Hi everyone! As promised, here’s some of my favorite photos taken during my recent trip to National Harbor! I had the pleasure of spending Earth Day in Maryland this year! Though it was a fairly gloomy day, we made the most of it and hit the dock as early as possible for a fun little […]

Easter Weekend Photo Blog

Hi everyone! This weekend has been absolutely gorgeous here on the farm which inspired me to share with all of you a little look into my past few days! Enjoy!  It’s so easy to lose sight of what’s really important in life, especially throughout the busiest days. Taking a few moments to breathe & connect […]