Wellness Wednesday: The Positivity Challenge

Welcome to the fifth installment of Wellness Wednesday! As you may have seen from my recent social media updates, I have spent the last few days in the D.C. area exploring and soul searching. I like to believe that every adventure you take teaches you a little bit about yourself. On this trip through eight […]

Wellness Wednesday: Tips to Including Holistic Wellness into Your Daily Life

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday! I’m so glad to have you here! Today I’m dishing out three simple ways to include holistic wellness into your everyday life. Let’s be honest…life gets crazy from time to time and the first thing we drop out of our daily routine is typically self-care. While selflessness is a veritable act, […]

Wellness Wednesday: Mantras of the Week

Welcome to the third installment of Wellness Wednesday! This week we are focusing on mantras to motivate you throughout the week. The concept of a mantra is to create a phrase which is repeated frequently, often during meditation practices, to inspire and awaken the mind, body and soul. Use these four mantras to help guide […]

Wellness Wednesday: Self-Forgiveness

Welcome to another installment of Wellness Wednesday! Today we will be focusing on the idea of inviting forgiveness into your life in order to accept the chapters of your past.   It is unrealistic to say that any of us are flawless. No matter how hard we strive for perfection, the humanity in all of […]

Wellness Wednesday

Good morning & happy Wednesday! Today marks the start of a new series on the blog which as you may have guessed is called Wellness Wednesday! If you’re needing a little extra love today, keep reading to start your morning off on the right track. Peace & love!   In today’s society, it can be extremely challenging to keep […]