Dear Universe

Dear Universe, You have granted us with many blessings and for that we thank you. As we prepare ourselves to begin a new week on this journey of life, we ask that you grant us with the power to follow the wisdom you have gifted us. We ask for continuous strength to deter from outside […]

Imagine all the people…

Imagine for a moment that the path you are on has been predetermined for you. Your soul was hand picked by the highest source of love to make a positive impact on today’s world for the greater good of tomorrow’s world. You have been gifted with everything you will ever need to accomplish your mission […]

DIY: All Natural Lip Balm in Under 10 minutes!

Hello my friends and welcome back to my blog! I know, I know…it’s been a minute since I’ve been on here, but I’m back with a fun DIY to get you in the mood for Autumn! On a quest to purge all products without all natural ingredients from my makeup collection, I discovered how difficult […]

Up, Up & Away!

Hello friends! This weekend I was lucky enough to photograph my local hot air balloon festival & I’m happy to share the best of the bunch with you tonight! Being in a crowd full of strangers experiencing such a magical moment was truly medicinal for the soul. Sometimes the feeling of unity in times of […]

The Perfect Soundtrack For Your Date With The Stars

Hello my friends! As you may know, the Perseid meteor shower is in full force this weekend. I don’t know about you, but stargazing is one of my all time favorite activities to partake in and this event is one you don’t want to miss! To celebrate this out of this world experience, I have […]

Easter Weekend Photo Blog

Hi everyone! This weekend has been absolutely gorgeous here on the farm which inspired me to share with all of you a little look into my past few days! Enjoy!  It’s so easy to lose sight of what’s really important in life, especially throughout the busiest days. Taking a few moments to breathe & connect […]

Whisper Words of Wisdom

Welcome back to my blog! If you’re reading this, please know that I appreciate the love and support all of you have passed along to me immensely. Being brand new to the blogging world can be intimidating at times and you all have made my experience feel like a dream. While watching the news tonight […]

How To Make Peppermint Mason Jar Christmas Candles

Christmas time is in the air! In the spirit of the holidays, I have created some fragrant & adorable peppermint mason jar candles that will make the perfect teacher gift or stocking stuffer this season. After all, you can never beat a handmade gift made with love!  Before we begin, here’s what you’ll need:  •Peppermint […]

Artist Spotlight: Kaylee Keller

Kansas native Kaylee Keller has a heart of gold and a vibrant voice to match! With inspirational & motivational Pop/Country hits such as “Diamond” & a new album in the works, this is one artist you’ll want to be following!  Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Keller, a talented singer/songwriter, to get to […]

9 Ways To Relieve The Stress Of A New School Year

As Summer abruptly comes to an end & September marches onwards, you may find yourself stressing over the beginning of a new school year. The next time you’re feeling stressed, take a peek at the following list to help unwind your mind.  Number One: Yoga & Exercise  It’s a common misconception that to be a […]