Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

You have granted us with many blessings and for that we thank you. As we prepare ourselves to begin a new week on this journey of life, we ask that you grant us with the power to follow the wisdom you have gifted us. We ask for continuous strength to deter from outside sources of negativity and white light to illuminate the way.

We pray for those whom are struggling with combating darkness. May they replace their current blockages with light. May they awaken to an illuminated path guiding them to their new beginning. May you never lose faith in their spirit. Though they may have lost their way, their purpose on this planet will always remain.

We ask you for continued guidance while we discover our true mission here on Earth. We ask for patience to understand the incomprehensible & love to be spread to those who need it most. May we be given forgiveness for our wrongdoings to your beautiful lands. May we one day come to understand that this land is not ours for the taking, rather ours to take care of. May we always hold the knowledge that we are of equal parts peace & love at the heart of it all.

We ask for your protection through the tribulations we face. May the upcoming week be one of letting go, healing old wounds and regaining our inner strength.

Sending light and love,


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