Wellness Wednesday: The Positivity Challenge

Welcome to the fifth installment of Wellness Wednesday! As you may have seen from my recent social media updates, I have spent the last few days in the D.C. area exploring and soul searching. I like to believe that every adventure you take teaches you a little bit about yourself. On this trip through eight different states, I had a lot of time to think about what is truly important in my life and how this correlates into a lesson I can pass on to all of you.

Here’s where my mind is at: It’s the little things that make up a lifetime worth of special moments, memories and lessons learned. Waking up to comments of appreciation for sharing my voice or my photos makes all the difference in how I feel that day. We pretend that we aren’t affected by how people treat us, but isn’t it harder to stay positive when you’re surrounded by negativity at all sides? Isn’t it harder to believe in a better tomorrow when all you know is the struggles of yesterday? These things do matter. How you treat others matters.

Here’s the challenge: I’ve decided to take Wellness Wednesday in a slightly different direction this week and give you all a little homework! Don’t worry, it’s the fun kind of homework (if that’s a thing.) My challenge for you this week is to compliment someone every day of the week until we meet here again for next week’s Wellness Wednesday. Compliment others on the work they are doing, the photo they posted, or for simply just doing an amazing job at staying true to who they are. You never know what a little boost in someone’s confidence, even just for a moment in time, could do for them in the long run.

Here’s my reasoning: There is absolutely no reason to fight hatred with hatred. If someone has the audacity to criticize you when you’re down, remember that they themselves are probably hurting inside a lot more than they are showing it. Everyone has their own battles to fight. While there are some battles we must fight alone in order to grow on our journey, there’s no reason to play a part in making someone’s experience on Earth any more difficult than it has to be.
Peace is the answer to all our questions. Come from a place of peace and understanding when struggling through the difficult roads. Allow any momentary weakness to teach you how to be stronger next time. Every experience you go through in life is a chance to learn. It’s important to share positivity with those surrounding us. Remember that your energy is contagious. The footprints we leave behind matter. We have the power to create a more peaceful world. I don’t know about you, but I have faith in us. I know we can do better than creating acts of hatred daily. In each one of us lies the solution to the negativity problem that has arisen. Instead of waking up and spreading negativity, wake up and spread the love. It’s as easy as a simple compliment given or a smile shared. We are the change we need. Wishing you all a peaceful rest of your week.
Peace and Love,
Blissfully Brigid

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